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AliExpress Shopping App

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Applicability AliExpress is an online marketplace that can be used for shopping anywhere, anytime. Millions of customers around the world managed to get the best products and through our favorite. Here is the reason why many customers like to shop at AliExpress:
Our customers get the best products at reasonable prices. They can buy products directly from China at cheaper prices.

AliExpress customers have access to choose from 100+ million products. You can find any desired products ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories, automotive, elektronil and baby care. You can even find a special product that can be customized to your needs.

One of the advantages AliExpress that is loved by the customers are free shipping to more than 75% of products!

Applicability AliExpress offers a daily, regular promotions and thousands of coupons given to customers.

AliExpress application comes with features and functionality that is secure so that customers can enjoy online shopping services. Application can be used for:

 Shop by category
 convenient product search with the filter feature
 Read the reviews of other buyers
 Make a wish List
 berbai info about products via email, Facebook and social networking
 secure online payments
 Track a package booking
 Receiving order status
 Set up order
 Talk to the seller
 Getting a buyer protection for all your orders

AliExpress apps made for all customers who love shopping comfortably at no extra cost. Let's look at the features that we made for you!

Additional information

AliExpres application is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Germany, France, Thailand and Indonesian.

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