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UC Browser is a mobile browser developed by Chinese mobile Internet company UCWeb. Originally launched in April 2004 as a J2ME-only application, it is available on platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java ME, and BlackBerry.
With a huge user base in China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and continued growth in emerging regional markets, UC Browser reached 500 million global users in March 2014. (wikipedia)

Marshmallow to Android 6.0, please uninstall the old version of UC Browser, and replace UC Browser 10.7.5.
Facebook ✔Mode fast and convenient experience better for Facebook.
✔ Video online without menungguFilm and Serial in Quick Mode.
Downloadable ✔ fast and stable, enjoy videos offline.
✔ Strengthening AdBlockdisesuaikan the major sites, mem-block all ads.

Main feature
★ Mode Facebook
★ News Football for Indonesia
★ Video for all tastes
★ smart Downloadable
★ AdBlock
★ fast mode
★ Navigation is fast and stable
★ Control Video Movement
★ Night Mode

★ Mode Facebook
This unique feature accelerates Facebook. Regardless of the speed of your internet, UC find ways to increase the speed.
★ News Football for Indonesia
Watch news for Indonesia in the navigation ball UC Browser, do not miss any football news.
★ Video for All Tastes
UC Browser will display any movie and TV series! The menu has categories with videos for all tastes: humor, clip, girl, anime, trailer and even a war movie.
★ Smart Downloads
Our servers speed up and stabilize downloads. In addition, in the event of a connection interruption, UC Browser will resume the download from the point of pause.
★ AdBlock
With the help of our users, AdBlock will block ads stubborn at major sites.
★ Fast Mode
Compress the data, speed up navigation and saving valuable MB of your internet quota.
Navigation ★ Fast and Stable
With a history without the "hang" UC Browser. Navigation is very smooth.
★ Control Video Movement
Volume, brightness, development, etc. Movement can be controlled.
★ Night Mode
Switch to night mode for more comfortable reading at night.

Review :
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ UC Browser is known for its speed and reliability. Browsers that use high-level compression technology provided by the server to provide faster browsing and less data usage. UC Browser brings the mobile Web experience that delivers high performance rendering with smooth animation capabilities for amazing visuals and excellent navigation. Because the browser has gone through several upgrades and continuously improve performance, this is one mobile browser that almost never fails to disappoint its users. -

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ UC Browser for Android have a good performance and features cutting-edge ... If you want to free yourself from default browser on Android, this app will give you almost all the features you love on your samsung browser. -

★ Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2013 - Market Leadership in Mobile Browser Market (APAC)
★ Best Android Browser Award 2012 -
★ Best Mobile Browser Award 2011 -

This is UC Browser the U3-GP for Android. The advantages give you fast experience all in one web and an excellent search in Browse, Download, Video, Gaming, Online Shopping, and share experiences on social media at the fastest speed!

UC Browser U3-GP is compatible / suitable for all versions and all brands of Android from the first version of Android to the latest version. Display UC or UC Web Browser Grand Prix very interesting U3 on the tab, ipad and Android phones as well as providing full flexibility to users.

Many of the features - the other great features in UC Browser on this one. I will share the link UC Browser UC Web offering a special on this post in each - each country that you live to get the strongest signal for android internet in your country.

Please click to download and install on your Android UC Browser option below for each - each country that you live in and feel the greatness browse and download with UC browser.

UC Browser with new logo is coming!Best Web surfing experience on facebook, twitter,google,yahoo,etc. It can offer best speed and a totally free and fast app. Adaptable configuration helps you adjust your way of wap and web browsing under different network connections, allowing you to reduce data costs and speed up page loading with compression. - Best Mobile Browser Awards 2011 – - The choice of 400 million users worldwide, UC Browser is definitely the most popular Web browser in the world. Reviews from users:"Best browser I've used in a while. I've tried one browser, opera mini and many others and I could never find and they are incredible performance slowdown. But now this UC browser is perfect" "Excellent! Finally a browser that actually works! I've downloaded so many other browsers that had so many different issues . This I'd the complete package and it's so fast, look you don't have to take my word for it just download and see for yourself, it's extremely effective absolutely love it....
The fastest and most full-featured mobile browser. UC inside, world in hand! The UC Browser is the fastest, most powerful and stablest mobile browser we can offer for you. With fast connection, leading compression and powerful download, you can use the browser in many ways. It also provides comfortable features for your browsing, such as the featured site navigation, easy preference, pre-load, night mode and SMS share! We just release the most stable versions in English. Surprisingly, there is so many downloads for our Chinese counterpart to support us. For thanksgiving your support, we are considering to update to a new version some day!

UC Browser, a product of the Alibaba Group, today announced it has crossed the 400 million MAU (Monthly Active User) mark worldwide, making it the largest mobile browser in Asia and the second largest mobile browser in the world according to 3rd party web traffic analytics service StatCounter .

Achieving such a firm base and emerging as the leader, especially in Asian markets, UC Browse ..

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